"Julia King reads and counsels with great depth, sincerity and authenticity.

Her sessions zoom into core information and Julia provides tools

that can be used to resolve and transform issues. At the end you are left with an open window ( your limitless potential ) to see your present issue with clarity and grace." -- G.C.

"I met Julia a few years ago as she was walking on my street.

A few months later I really needed help with my health so I went to see her. She is amazing and zeroed in to exactly what was the root of the problem, cleared it, gave me support and wonderful advice to continue on my healing journey.

She is also able to channel my father (who passed away over 55 years ago). The advice, encouragement, and clarity coming from him is quite remarkable as Julia knew nothing about him so she could not have invented all those details.

She is a master and her work with the angels and other divinities she helps clear both from this life as well as lingering negativity from past lives. I feel blessed to know her and so appreciative of all the help she had given me over the years, whenever I need it." -- Y.M.